MISSHA Super Aqua Mini Pore 3Step Nose Patch
Nose pack with 3 step care to help get rid of blackhead

1. Large Size Nose Pack for Perfect Blackhead Care (90mmx40mm)
It is 1.5 times bigger than the original nose pack. With big size sheet, it covers nose perfectly, providing much neater and cleaner pore care.

2. 3 Step Pore Care
a) Melt sebum with heating sheet and BHA ingredient.
b) Take off sebum with BIG SIZE nose pack which adheres to skin tightly.
c) Tighten pores and make skin elastic as providing moisture.

3.Get Rid of Blackhead with Sparkling Water and Witch Hazel Leaf Extract
- Fine carbonic acid bubbles cleanse pores freshly and witch hazel leaf extract absorbs excessive sebum, providing tight elasticity to skin.

SA Mini Pore 3 Step Nose Patch

  • Directions: Step 1. After washing face, put 1st step pack on the nose and take off after 15~20 minutes. Next, wipe off leftover pollutants and sebum. Step 2. Get rid of transparent film of 2nd step pack. Wet your nose with water and put the pack on. Take off after 10~15 minutes when the pack is completely dry. Step 3. Clean your nose and put 3rd step pack on and take off after 5~10 minutes. Tap your nose softly to let the leftover essence be fully absorbed.
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