Brush Cleaner


Brush cleaner helps provide easy and quick cleansing anytime anywhere.


Brush Cleansing Without Water!


After brush cleansing, you can use right away without drying, providing cleaner usage.


One brush per one shadow?  NO! Only One Brush!

Sweep away the makeup residue at sponge. No colors are mixed, providing vivid color makeup


Super Simple Cleansing and CHECK!

After cleansing with black sponge, please check whether it is clean enough and tidy brush up with white sponge.


Size: 80 X 80 X30mm (Width X Length X Height)

Material: Sponge – Polyurethane / Case –Metallic material

Brush Cleaner

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AU$6.90Sale Price
  • STEP01. Brush Clean Up with Black Sponge!

    Cleanse the brush that is stained with makeup with outer black sponge, sweeping back and forth.


    STEP02. Finish Up with White Sponge!

    Check whether brush is well cleaned and tidy brush up with inner white sponge.



    a. If sponge gets dirty, turn it upside down and use.

    b. Sponge can be cleansed with water.

    c. Put water on the white sponge for better color formation.

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