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  1. Quality before Quantity : Using state-of-the-art technology to extract plant substances, we produce the best products at the lowest possible prices. Our products reflect our belief that the inside is more important than the outside and that the contents are the only thing that really matters.

  2. Customer Service : We are open to the public every step of the way and accommodate suggestions without any discriminations all year around. These suggestions and opinions are reflected on our products as we strive to become a brand that is foremost in accepting and reflecting customer suggestions. 

  3. Customer Profitability : We have simplified the distribution chain and persisted in our low-price policy of strict production and distribution maintenance to allow our customers to be profitable. We will continue to serve our customers in the most advantageous ways.  

  4. Social Responsibility : Our company will share the profits achieved through sales to assist neglected and estranged neighbors. We will also promote recycling because environmental protection is a great priority to our company.


  1. MISSHA and Internet : MISSHA's origins lie in the internet site Beauty net, which was created in the year 2000. The two-way communication with the customers was the driving force behind our improvement. MISSHA was a brand that was true to the nature of the internet by getting closer to the customers by reducing the distribution chain and actively exchanging information with the customers. It was a strictly pro-consumer brand that was suggested, made, and criticized by 1.8 million female customers who made the MISSHA today. 

  2. MISSHA changes the thinking about makeup products : MISSHA does not follow the stereotypical thinking that makeup products must be expensive and that they must appeal to the senses. We instead think that makeup should be a must-have, everyday item that is inexpensive. It is our sincerest belief that makeup products must be the highest quality as well as strictly conforming to the customer's advantage. Our brand started with the belief that the true value of a makeup product lies in its contents, not in the outside packaging, nor in image advertising. It is our goal to serve our customers through better contents and reasonable, affordable prices. 

  3. MISSHA's rationale comes from the Netizenscustomers : MISSHA was not created by itself, but with the help of rational Netizens and customers. We could not be here today if it wasn't for the support of the people who believed in our products. We always think of our customers first before anything else.


Missha was born from the belief that makeup should be an inexpensive
and essential element in enhancing beauty rather than an indulgence.

Since its initial launch on the internet in 2000, Missha has carried this simple idea forward by offering affordable products whose value lies in the contents rather than the packaging.

Its products are the result of extensive quality and allergy testing, regular customer feedback and a firm ideology that values environmentally conscious behaviour and responsible corporate citizenship.