Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk SPF50+ PA+++
(UV Protection)


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This sunscreen is designed for those who are looking for a fresh type of sun milk that naturally corrects skin tone. It helps brighten skin naturally & provides refreshing finish without stickiness.


Containing Thanaka extracts with a cooling effect - this helps soothe damaged skin from irritation.

Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk SPF50+ PA+++

  • Shake it gently before use. Apply an appropriate amount on the face, neck, arms and legs at the last step of skin care, and gently pat to be fully absorbed.

  • 1. Use an appropriate amount

    If you put it on your face, use the amount of a finger joint. If you put it on your whole body, please apply about half of your palm.

    2. Apply 30 minutes before going out

    It takes about 30 minutes for the sun screening ingredient to be absorbed the skin.

    3. Apply every 2 to 3 hours

    10:00 am to 2:00 pm with strong UV rays, please apply more.

    4. Apply every four seasons

    UV rays exist in all four seasons.

    5. Perfect cleansing!

    It’s necessary to clean up the residue!

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