Lip Top Coat


Recommended to those who:

- want to enhance lip color on lips for a long time

- are concerned of smudging and smearing lip makeup

- want a lip top coat with comfortable touch


  • A special coating liquid lightly adheres to the lips to fix the lip color.
  • Containts Baobab & Jojoba Seed Oil and Coconut Oil. 


Lip Top Coat

AU$18.90 Regular Price
AU$6.90Sale Price
  • Shake well.

    Apply a small amount  (size of rice) and coat over the lip color

    Dry properly for 1 minute to make sure the special coating liquid  is fixed perfectly onto lip color.


    * If used without shaking, the oil can be spilt out due to the nature of raw material and the benefit of lip topcoat can be decrease.

    Make sure to SHAKE BEFORE USE

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